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Understanding Deal Tasks

Deal Tasks are for everyday tasks such as Calling, Emails, Sending Proposals and Leaflet Drops. Extra task descriptions can be added at any time. When adding a new task only do this from the deal page.

Tasks are colour coded with regards to Due Time and Date.

  • Grey = Over 24 hours left to complete

  • Green = Less than 24 hours to complete

  • Red = Overdue

  • Amber = No task

Adding Deal Tasks

To add a deal task all you need to do is simply locate the deal page to which you would like to set a task. From here navigate to the 'Add Deal Task' found in the top right of the Deal screen. Then simply enter the task title, type, date & time and assign the task to the appropriate member of staff.


Viewing Deal Task

Home Screen - Deal Tasks only allocated to that user will show in their home screen.

Pipeline Vertical Mode - Deal Tasks for all users in that pipeline will be visible. Time left in each task is indicated in each Deal square under the relevant stage.

Pipeline Horizontal Mode - Deal Tasks for all users in that pipeline will be visible. Tasks are displayed in order of urgency and can be filtered.

deal task 2.png

To change between Horizontal Mode and Vertical Mode click the icon below the Add Deal button located top right of the screen.

deal task 4.png

To view all Deal Tasks within Active Agent.

Go to Contacts, Manage Tasks here you can filter all tasks through the parameters you require.

task 5.png

If there's anything you're unsure of please don't hesitate to Contact Us. Also feel free to book on for a one-on-one training session with a member of our expert team to go through your system Training with you or any other staff in your office.

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