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What are deals?

Think of deals as a way of identifying prospective landlords and vendors. Deals are contacts that no longer sit dormant in your database; they’re actually in your pipeline and are on track to becoming customers.

When a deal is created it is assigned to an internal team member who monitors and manages the movement of deals from stage to stage in your pipelines.

What are pipelines?

Pipelines are your agency's business processes — They represent the entire process of converting qualified leads into customers.

What are stages?

Pipelines contain stages. If pipelines are your processes, stages are the steps that deals must advance through to complete those processes (and in many cases, for you to close sales).


You can toggle between various pipelines, search for pipelines, and add new pipelines by clicking the “Pipelines” button in the upper left corner of the CRM.

If there's anything you're unsure of please don't hesitate to Contact Us. Also feel free to book on for a one-on-one training session with a member of our expert team to go through your system Training with you or any other staff in your office.

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