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We’re constantly refining our product.

Here at Active Agent we believe that development is key and we will ensure we continually strive to improve our offerings, adding new features and products.

Check here to keep up to date with any new releases we have and get the most out of your system.

January 2021


Custom Reports: Additional Recipes


Users can now leverage pre-built reports to better understand the capabilities of Custom Reports. Further extending the Custom Report capabilities, this introduces the following additional Custom Report recipes:

  • Automation Engagement Trends

  • Campaign Engagement Trends

  • Deal Value by the Forecasted Close Date

  • Deal ACV by Field Value

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SMS Multi-factor authentication


SMS is now offered as a new multi-factor authentication method for users. This allows users to receive text message codes to their devices that can be used as an additional factor for authentication. This is an addition to our existing multi-factor authentication offering where only authenticator apps were previously supported.

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February 2021


Automation Overview Report for iOS


Users could previously only review a single campaign’s engagement metrics. The new Automation Overview Report provides an overall look at how an entire automated marketing strategy is performing, by aggregating all campaign data associated with a specific automation to help identify areas of opportunity and success.

Add/Edit Android UI Update & Android Task Redesign


This update lets users add or edit tasks in a way that aligns with our recently updated Contact, Deal, and Account Forms. Users now have greater clarity and consistency when viewing the task tab, contact profile, or deal profile.

The new, intuitive Android Task screen design leads to a dedicated Task Detail view that lets users fully understand the task, its related deals and contacts, and provides quick actions to call, email, or text.

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iOS Campaign Reporting - Contact Activity Stream


The Contact Activity Stream adds transparency into the data users are shown, by providing an extra level of detail when viewing a campaign’s engagement. Tap into opens, clicks, unsubscribes, bounces, and forwards to see which contacts have performed that action.

Reporting & Analytics

Custom Reports: expanded download limits


This will give users more flexibility to dig deep or integrate their data in new or existing workflows by expanding limits to download all results within a look or a dashboard.

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March 2021


Keep your CRM information organized and top-of-mind with Account notes.


Get information at the Account level of the CXM so you don’t have to click into each Contact or Deal to understand what’s going on. Account notes now include notes from related Contacts and Deals, to save you time and help you deliver a better customer experience.

Active Agent

Reporting & Analytics

Performance improvements to the Deal Forecast report


The Deal Forecast report provides an overview of your pipeline status and lets you forecast your business effectively on a daily, weekly, or monthly cycle. This report also allows you to review historical trends on your forecast accuracy based on what deals are still open and which deals have been closed.

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April 2021


Improved dropdown menu to help filter Contacts


Users can now easily discern if the number of contacts displayed are All contacts or Active contacts. By displaying the Contacts dropdown at all times, they can easily understand whether the number of contacts they are viewing is “All” or “Active” only.

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Updated contact fields to maintain accuracy on the Contact Page


Enhancements were made on the Contact Page to maintain the accuracy of the contact fields for Title and Number of Employees


May 2021

Tools & Templates

New helpful, descriptive dictations for a more accessible platform

Active Agent is continuing to implement accessibility best practices, so the platform is better for all users. In this update, the Overview page and “Manage Templates” section have been updated. The “Recent Activity” section on your Overview page has been enhanced so that screen readers read out the email address of each subscriber or contact. The “Manage Templates” section will now read the name of the template as well, to make your platform experience more helpful and accessible to all customers.

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June 2021

Insights & Analytics 

Improve your CXM deal tracking with the new Deal Task Overview Report

CXM deal users will see the new Deal Task Overview Report - a feature that gives you access to breakdown metrics on different task elements. This new report offers a quick glance of CXM-related tasks and outcomes along with the ability to drill deeper for more information. What this means for users is access to details on task items such as status, type, outcomes, sentiment as well as more focused tables grouped by Rep.

With the addition of several new filters, users can segment this report as needed to view:

  • Top key performance indicators

  • A time series to monitor trends

You can also measure the tasks of your Sales Managers or Reps at a high and detailed level in the Task Metrics Report. This feature is available to customers on Lite, Professional & Professional Plus subscriptions.

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July 2021


Manage your tasks right from your iPhone’s home screen with a Widget

Active Agent now has Home Screen Widgets for upcoming tasks, letting you keep your tasks readily available via your home screen, right next to the other widgets you use on a daily basis. When you tap on Task Details, it redirects you to the main task tab for more details. To get started, touch and hold an area on the Home Screen until the apps jiggle. Tap the Add button in the upper-left corner, then search for Active Agent.

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Android mobile app updates to manage your business on the go — including Saved Responses

What if you could manage your business from your phone? With the Active Agent mobile app, you can easily review your email reports, track customer activity, and manage your CXM data — where you want it, when you need it.

Android App updates:

  • Saved Responses — You can now select a Saved Response, and the Subject and Body will populate in your email client, including personalization tags and HTML.

  • Campaign search — On the Campaigns list, you can tap on the search icon in the top right to begin searching for a Campaign.


August 2021


Easily keep on top of your deals: View, create, and edit notes right in your Outlook inbox

The Outlook add-in extension for Active Agent now lets you view and edit notes related to contacts or deals, right from your inbox. This adds to existing available functionality that helps you manage your Active Agent email communication, deals, and tasks like:

  • See your CXM info from your inbox

  • Easily add a new contact into your account

  • Create and update deals on the go

  • Create, assign, and mark tasks complete

  • View and edit custom fields on contact records

  • Create accounts and associate them to a contact

Note: Any user can create a Note related to a Contact. 

Save time editing multiple contact and account fields at once in the CRM

When you need to edit multiple fields for a specific contact, you can now make all your changes at once and hit Save. This streamlined experience is great for situations where you need to quickly jot down updated information on a contact record, like when a sales representative is on the phone with a customer.

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Quickly search through contacts and accounts with the Chrome extension for ActiveCampaign

The Chrome extension for Active Agent lets you deliver amazing customer experiences and manage all of your sales communications without leaving your email account.

What's new? Any user can now search through Contacts in the Chrome Extension’s popover. Search for contacts by name, related account, phone number, or email. When you find what you’re looking for, you can click the Contact and you will be navigated into its associated page in your Active Agent account.


September 2021

Insights & Analytics

Build year-on-years reports more easily with our enhanced Custom Reports

Custom Reports let you view your data in the most effective way to get the answers you need in seconds, so you can build a data-driven strategy that helps grow your business. Get more value from your metrics, and stop stitching together data and hoping it tells you enough. Create a complete picture to discover trends, identify areas of opportunity, and get the right insights to grow your business. We’ve added a new “month name” option under every date dimension in our custom reports. With this new capability, you can easily and efficiently create year-on-year reports customized to your liking.

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