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Five Ways Active Agent Can Help Your Agency Through Lockdown

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Five Ways Active Agent Can Help Your Agency Through Lockdown

As lockdown 2.0 begins, the recent property mini-boom is most likely at its end. While property and letting agencies can continue to operate – and many people will still be hoping to purchase before the stamp duty holiday expires - the appetite for property is likely to decline in the coming weeks and months.

For many agencies, that will mean slowing business and a series of challenges which are by now familiar - increasing efficiency, more effectively targeting key buyers and sellers, and growing a business in an uncertain economy.

After the national lockdown lifts, we will move back to a regional tier-based model where different areas are effected by specific restrictions. And that will be just as disruptive as the national lockdown, meaning this really is just the beginning.

However, the challenges ahead of us are far from insurmountable. And with technology like Active Agent, agencies can be prepared to come out of the lockdown with a stronger, more flexible way of operating.

Here are five ways Active Agent can help your agency through lockdown:

Saving money

The entire national economy will continue to take a serious hit in the coming weeks and months, and that means agencies will be hard pushed make better use of their resources and become ever more efficient.

Active Agent is purpose-built for situations like this; using automation, it allows you to decrease staff numbers or hours and actually improve your net results. You can develop intricate lead generation and customer experience strategies, and simply allow the system to implement them – often in ways human employees would be unable or unwilling to.

Responding to events

As political and economic events unfold, both your existing clients and active leads will be responding in real time – and that means you need to as well.

Rather than working manually to try to navigate ongoing events at scale, automation and Active Agents’ tailored messaging allow you to stay on the ball and appear relevant even in times as unpredictable as this.

Communicating on a personal level

During difficult times, businesses that are able to demonstrate that they care always fare best. Even a simple message of compassion or a perfectly timed holiday greeting can go a long way towards creating the positive associations which will eventually help you win a client’s business.

Active Agent facilitates deep personalisation, which means not only can you send messages tailored to specific individual clients – you can send them at the exact moments they will have the greatest impact and mean the most.

Tracking behaviour

From social distancing to remote working, the pandemic has altered our behaviour in virtually every way. This is vitally important for agencies, because luring in clients and making sales is all about understanding and influencing behaviour.

Active Agent tracks leads and clients’ behaviour throughout the entire funnel, mapping how they interact with every email you send and every website they visit. And that gives agencies a huge scope for understanding how their behaviour is shifting.

By presenting this data in actionable, easy-to-digest charts and graphs, Active Agent helps agencies better respond and strategise, making sense of the complex dynamics of a new social reality.

Prepare for the future

Here’s the reality: ten months into this pandemic, we’re still not sure when or how this thing will end. While we’ve been given all sorts of promises and projections, there’s simply no real certainty as to when things will go back to ‘normal’. And even when they do, we’ll be living with the repercussions of this period for years to come.

While the immediate challenges facing agencies are tough enough, it is also vital that we think about the longer-term; the sooner agencies start preparing for the future, the better they will be able to navigate it.

Active Agent is designed to offer compounding benefits over time; in the short term, it is a major advantage, but over the long term that advantage just continues to grow.

As the system is continually optimised, your data becomes valuable and you are able to reorganise how you operate. And that sets you up to grow, as your competitors struggle to adapt.

Conclusion | Using Active Agent to do more during lockdown

Of course, this is going to be a tough time for us all. But with the right strategy, and technology like Active Agent, we believe this country’s agencies are more than capable of coming out the other side stronger than ever.

If you’d like to see first-hand how Active Agent can be a lifeline during these difficult times, click here to book your free demo today.

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