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Here you will find articles to help you further the success of your business and learn scientifically proven ways to increase your conversion rates. Subscribe to stay up to date with all our latest blogs as and when they come out at the same time we'll also grant you full access to our free eBook library with more tips and tricks to stay at the top of your game. Scroll further to find full access to all our past blogs.

About the author


Barry Ireland - Company Director

"After over twenty years of running Estate & Letting Agencies, I noticed there were a huge number of opportunities within the customer journey most agencies simply weren’t attending to, from responding faster and sending more relevant communications to improving their landing pages and utilising data more effectively. 

This led me to the premise of a single mobile-friendly platform which would attend to every aspect of the customer journey – from improving lead generation to managing existing customer relationships. And by combining the psychological insights we’ve discussed with market-altering technology, we’ve made that comprehensive system a reality."

This blog follows current scientific research in proven ways to increase your conversion rates and why our system can help you on your way to being more successful than ever.

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