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Five Ways to Keep Your Landlords Happy in Uncertain Times

Five Ways to Keep Your Landlords Happy in Uncertain Times

Whether you’re looking to retain existing clients or entice prospective ones, great Customer Experience (CX) is essential. And while CX is multifaceted and complex, what much of it boils down to is keeping people happy and giving them the best service possible.

Here are five ways you can do that:

1. Regular progress updates

Whether you’re in the midst of a sale or part way through a letting contract, landlords need to know what’s going on. If you don’t keep them updated on sales progress, for example, they may start to question whether you’re ever going to find the right buyer.

Simply sending regular, clear updates - preferably with data to demonstrate how the process is moving along – will make sure they remain confident and content. And while this might seem like a small factor, you’d be surprised how many agencies don’t bother with it!

2. Personalised messages

As we’ve discussed previously, emotions are key to trust and loyalty. While not every communication can happen directly or in-person, you should do everything you can to make it at least feel that way.

Even the most basic personalisation will have a huge impact on the engagement landlords give you, and when you push it further – sending birthday messages, holiday greetings and anniversary reminders – you start to prove that you truly care about and understand your clients.

3. Clear, transparent data

Landlords are no fools: they know that you are capable of generating data on leads and earnings, and they want to see it. While many agencies wait around until landlords request ‘the figures’, you can win big kudos by presenting them un-prompted, ideally in an attractive format that helps them to understand what they’re seeing.

Data is not just a powerful tool for optimisation: it’s also a great communication tool, to help contextualise progress and demonstrate the work you’re putting in for your clients.

4. Help with legal compliance

According to recent surveys, 62% of landlords cite legislation as their biggest challenge, and often struggle to keep up with changes. Another survey, for example, suggested that 34% of landlords weren’t even aware of the Tenant Fees Act.

Helping landlords understand their compliance issues is not only a valuable service that can boost your brand and reputation – it often also leads to conversions from landlords who find they are currently non-compliant.

5. Respond immediately

Improving your speed of response can double your conversions. But it is also an essential aspect of retaining and nurturing existing clients. Too often, agencies take their landlords for granted and leave them waiting days for a simple response.

Responding quickly and directly demonstrates that the landlord’s queries and concerns actually matter to you, encouraging them to feel confident that they are being taken care of.

Conclusion | Confidence is key

While the property sector is staying strong during the pandemic, it is still clear we are living through uncertain times. And that means confidence and commitment really are essential to any strong client relationship.

Active Agent’s Customer Experience Management platform gives you everything you need to build that confidence – from automated emails responses and personalisation to data reporting, sale progress update forms and even an interactive questionnaire to help landlords understand their legal compliance status.

If you’d like to see how it all works as a package, book your free demo today.

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