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How Mobile Work Apps Can Transform How You Work

How Mobile Work Apps Can Transform How You Work

Key takeaways:

· Adapting to the post-pandemic world requires investment in new, flexible technology

· Mobile apps enable workers to respond faster to important messages and requirements

· By encouraging flexibility, agencies will see higher productivity and employee happiness

With the rise of remote working and changing attitudes towards flexibility, 2020 saw the majority of businesses catapulted into a new era of working.

Too many estate and letting agencies, however, lag behind. They are stuck in purgatory: they use technology, rely on it even. Yet they haven’t fully adapted to the new possibilities it provides.

One key way agencies can fix this is by embracing mobile work apps: by empowering staff to work where they want, where they want, agencies will see the true benefits of a digital workplace emerge.

Here are five ways mobile apps can improve your agency:

1. Time saving

Too much time is spent undertaking dull, repetitive tasks like responding to emails and filling in forms: digital workplace technology can massively reduce this burden, saving time for employees and freeing them up to focus on more creative tasks.

Employees who work for firms that make mobile apps available and highly accessible spend 17% less time on manual processes, both improving employee morale and increasing time spent on other facets of work.

2. Accessibility

Mobile apps put everything staff need to do their jobs at their fingertips. Rather than being constrained to the office – and office hours – they can respond dynamically to the needs of their clients, improving the speed of response and timing of emails.

This is a key aspect of mobile apps: 59% of companies provide the apps workers want and need, but don’t make them easily accessible. Putting them in their smartphone – which most employees take with them everywhere – solves this problems immediately.

3. Flexibility

The majority of staff use their smartphone several hours of the day, and work mobile apps allow them to work from wherever they want, wherever they want. Given the widely publicised productivity gains remote and flexible work creates, this can only be good for agents.

With mobile apps, workers will never be caught without the information they need or having to ‘get back to’ clients at a later date.

4. Speed

It’s often unclear quite how important speed is in securing deals. But the research is clear: the faster you can respond to clients’ requests and queries, the better. The agility mobile apps create is vital in a competitive sector like property.

They enable a level of responsiveness and speed that is unbeatable; they also enable workers to find information quicker, sort through contacts and view ongoing campaigns exactly when they need to.

5. Productivity

The combination of speed, flexibility, accessibility and extra time being freed up mean one thing: more productive workers. The ultimate effect of mobile apps is to radically increase the amount of useful work staff can do in any given day, helping them manage heavy workloads and produce better results.

Not only do such gains have real impact on the commercial performance of an agency – they make their mark quickly, almost overnight improving the effectiveness of staff and the efficiency of your business.

Conclusion | Active Agent’s mobile app could transform how you work

2020 changed how we work forever, and at Active Agent our goal is to ensure estate and letting agents can make the most of these changes. Our dedicated mobile app allows you to access everything you need to work how you want, where you want.

Not only does create greater freedom and enable faster, more dynamic responses to clients – it creates a more fluid, engaged and productive workforce.

If you’d like to see it in action, book your free demo today.


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