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The Art of Winning Back Leads You Lost

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

The Art of Winning Back Leads You Lost

Nothing stings more than a client you know should’ve been yours signing up with a competitor. No matter how often you win those battles, the losses just seem to stick with you more.

There’s actually a scientific term for this: loss aversion. According to research in decision science, humans care roughly twice as much about losing things as they do about gaining them. And that makes us act in some very irrational ways.

The average agency looks at clients they missed out on as gone forever – and for those agencies, they probably are. But at Active Agent, we look at things differently.

There’s always next time

Our system has several features specifically designed to help you recontact, persuade and switch landlords away from rival agencies. And using them has helped many of our clients totally transform the way they look at lost leads.

As any agent who’s lost a client knows, loyalty is often not nearly as strong as it might first appear. So rather than simply sitting around hoping that lost leads see the error of their ways, we believe there is a precise art to winning back leads and converting them.

There are three key elements to that art:

  • Persuasive messaging

Most agencies don’t manage to convert competitors’ clients because, frankly, they don’t have a persuasive enough case to make – they don’t know how to demonstrate that they are a better option for the landlord.

Clearly, this is a massive problem: once a landlord has settled on an agency, they need a very good reason to go to the bother of disrupting things. And persuasive messaging is a major part of this.

Whatever the media you’re using to communicate with competitors’ clients, you need to make a clear, compelling case which both captures the landlord’s attention and moves them to action.

Our landing pages are designed specifically to do this – to help you deploy clear, persuasive messaging compelling landlords to switch to your agency.

  • Recontacting at the right moments

There is a natural lifecycle to property sales, and re-contacting landlords at the right moments – when their property is likely to be coming back to market soon – can have a huge impact on your chances of winning them over.

Timing is essential here: too soon, and it will seem like irrelevant spam; too late and you’ll have missed the opportunity yet again.

Our system is specially designed to automate these messages so that they land at the exact right moments, maximising their impact and catching landlords at their most persuadable.

It’s also designed to help you personalise these messages, using existing data – collected before they signed with another agency – to make the message more relevant and powerful.

  • Making the switch as easy as possible

Convincing a landlord you are a better option than their current agency is one thing, but actually sealing the deal and ensuring the switch is completed is quite another.

Many landlords will actively avoid any hint of difficulty or stress – they just don’t need it. So it’s vital that the process of switching is as streamlined and straightforward as possible.

Our system is designed to make every aspect of your lead generation and CX seamless, and that extends to re-contacting and switching. From booking calls and meetings to signing documents digitally at whatever time suits them, Active Agent makes the whole process smooth – so all the landlord needs to do is stick by their decision to switch.

Conclusion | Agencies need to be more ambitious

At times of great uncertainty, there’s a definite tendency for businesses of all kinds to become conservative. But to really power through this period, we believe agencies need to be bolder and start pushing in directions they’ve normally steered clear of.

Winning over competitors’ clients is a great place to start – stop seeing landlords as off limits, or beyond your purview, and start learning the art of winning them back.

With Active Agent, a lot more is possible than you’re used to – if you like to see exactly how much more, then book your free demo today.

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